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Music Theatre Montreal would not be possible without the gracious support from our private and public donors. Music Theatre Montreal was created in order to give opportunity to emerging artists while enriching the culture and tradition of music theatre in Montreal.

We are able to provide a unique experience where artists can collaborate within the theatre community while creating high quality productions for the public to enjoy.

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We are greatly appreciative of all the support you have given to Arts and Culture organizations such as Music Theatre Montreal. For every wish below, donations were raised - Thank you!

Hey Asher, Happy 60th this coming March! your wife Bronia.• Congratulations and break a leg - Dale xxoo • KAGEY - This one’s for you! Happy Half Birthdays! • Hey Eric, can you believe you will be 1/4 century next Sept? your mom (Bronia) • Robby for all that you struggle with love mom • All the best to cast and crew from Toronto. Jan • I can't believe I will be 60 this Feb! Bronia • To D, a million xoc’s. T • Adam, you are far away but this Dec you will turn 23! your mom (Bronia) • Tabi & Kittens, I loooove you!! T.T. • Happy Birthday to my best little friend Ezra • Dance on the Sidewalk! Love, TM • Dani, the big 21 this April. Finally you are legal in the US. your mom (Bronia) • Happy 95th dear Florence! Love the Bissett’s! • xoxoc

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As part of MTM's fundraising efforts (as an arts organization, we greatly appreciate your support!), and in the spirit of The Birthday Party, we have created the (Un)-Birthday Wish Campaign

For a contribution of $10, You can wish someone a Happy Birthday, Congratulations, or any other special message you'd like to share. Your message will appear on a special section of the show's programme, as well as on our site from opening night until the end of the year. **PLEASE NOTE THE DEADLINE HAS PASSED FOR WISHES TO BE PRINTED IN THE PROGRAMME, HOWEVER YOU CAN STILL MAKE WISHES TO BE POSTED ON OUR SITE.  $5/WISH**

Live outside Montreal and not able to get to the show?  Send a Break-a-leg Wish in the programme!  Whether you’re sending a wish to an individual or a local business wishing to support the arts in your community, we invite you jump into the (Un)-Birthday Wish Campaign!

Need inspiration?
"ABC Bank St. Laurent wishes MTM a happy show!"
“Wishing Joan the happiest of days!”
“Love to Michael, Happy Birthday love Elsie & kids!”
“Wish we could be there! Congrats Lara! xo D.F.”

Or, in celebration of poetic nuance à la Harold Pinter,
exercise your absurd or humorous literary creativity:
"Dearest, I'm so glad you were born on your birthday."
"Sorry to've missed it, how 'bout next year same time?"
"Kyle, If I didn't know you better, I'd say good luck!"
The cost? $10 for 50 spaces of text! That’s right, 10 lousy bucks!
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